! your best online repository browser …

When I’m googling something web related stuff on my browser I’ve accidentally pointed to a website called Oh ! what a magic :-O .

So I’ve decided to dig into that site. The site says it monitors many libraries across popular package managers.If you have github,gitlab or bitbucket you’ll be able to sign in to with that any account credentials. It is a benefit without creating any new account or email.




After sign in you’ll be able to view and monitor you github or bitbucket repositories with that site . It is easy when you want to monitor your  all repositories in one location 🙂 . Also this site shows the sources updates of libraries that are used in your own repository 🙂 .


whoa 😀 , it is cool feature that I’ve seen on this site. That is called repository monitoring. This feature is free and can be enabled according to the below screenshot 🙂


When there are new component updates for your repository send you notification emails as in below screenshots.



Ok , thats about . Go and experience it :-).

Have a nice day 🙂 !


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